February and new things


Hello and Happy February (February brings new things!)

I was going over the February Newsletter and was blown away by all that's going on.  Academic Decathlon, FFA, Mock Trial, Band, Sports....lions and tigers, Oh, My!

We've got a great start to the spring semester - As principal, I see all the smiling faces (and not smiling ones).  I'm not saying we're perfect, there are always conflicts, but I appreciate that people have been able to hold the conflicts down, talk them out, or bring them to an adult instead of swinging them out.  Please, pass it on to your students.  I appreciate that they are doing what they need to do.

We have a REALLY big event next week and we would love as many parents as possible.  Next Wednesday, the superintendent, Dr. Annous, will be going over "R3 you Ready?" - How will the school be redesigned, reconstructed and revitalized in the coming years, and what do you, the parents and guardians, want to see in our schools?  Food will be provided (from Lakeview Market and Deli) and childcare.  The time will be 5:30-7:30, the place will be the Elementary Cafeteria, and the date is February 7th.

It is a great time for Upper Lake High - come out and join us for something (FFA, Sports, Music, Art, AcaDeca, Mock Trial, Robotics....) Hope to see you here!

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