Start of School


Monday, August 7th, 2017

The end of summer is here!  School starts on Wednesday, August 9th, at 8am.  Students, remember that what you get out of school is directly related to the effort that you put into it. 

Some things about the first day - here is the schedule for the first day, and here is the daily schedule. The first three days are a bit crazy with new students, schedule changes, and the introduction to classes, which is why we have minimum days each of the first three days.  The regular schedule will take effect Monday, August 14th.

Reminders -

School attendance is directly linked to school success.  Make a determination to be here every day.

Electronics are a privilege.  Students need to follow the "red-yellow-green" system in the classroom.  If they do not, they may be asked to surrender their device (phone, iPod, tablet, etc.).  Students must surrender their device if asked; if they are unwilling to surrender the device, DO NOT BRING IT.  

Get involved!  The more active students are in school, the more likely they are to come.  Fall Sports start Monday, August 14th (with the exception of football, which has already started).  Sports are not the only thing we have; FFA, Band, Art, Academic Decathlon, College Courses on campus, Clubs, and ASB (student government).

Some things are forbidden - drugs, alcohol, weapons (including pocket knives!), tobacco; including clothing that advertises such things.  Those are all excpected; we also do not allow speakers (use your headphones), bandanas and 'do-rags'.

School success is not as hard as some people believe - just follow the formula: 1) Come to school.  2) Be on time - to school and to class.  3) Stay in class (use passing period to get a drink or go to the bathroom). 4) Pay attention and do the work. 5) Turn in the work, on time.

We do have a closed campus; once here, whether by bus, car, bike, or feet, students must stay on campus.  They may not leave campus at break or lunch.  Parents may sign their students out for appointments but please do not call and say "my student can go downtown".  Parents are welcome to bring food for their students, but it MUST be checked in at the office. 

Here's hoping for a great year - Go Mighty Cougars!

-Sandy Coatney, Principal

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