Free and reduced lunch forms


Parents and or Guardians of ULUSD students: I wanted to share some information that may not be widely known. The Food Services Director for ULUSD has been following up to remind parents who have NOT yet filled out the free and reduced lunch applications for their children to please do so as soon as possible. While many parents may not think this applies to them, either because they think they don't qualify or they don't need to apply, it is important to fill these out. If your child does qualify, it helps our schools and provides meals if they need them at no cost regardless of qualification. Part of our school district's funding is governed by a statistic which is the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. If we meet this percentage, the allocation per student goes up and our district is eligible for additional programs and grants, this is part of the funding system. If we can help our schools get more funding by filling out and submitting these applications, that is a good thing. Please, if you haven't filled one out yet, please come to any of the 3 schools and fill one out, there are staff available in the kitchens who are willing to help you.
Thank you very much.

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